Nebula Change Agent Interview Series: Rebecca Thompson

July 25, 2019 9:21 PM | Mali Phonpadith (Administrator)

Meet Rebecca Thompson - Change Agent #0087 of our #SCN1000ChangeAgents Series.

Rebecca Thompson was ever on the move. Laos, Pakistan, Thailand, Switzerland, England, Israel, Philippines were some of her homes. The rich, varied experiences and adventures of crisscrossing the globe instilled in her a deep respect for all cultures, religions and people in all walks of life and circumstances.

Rebecca dropped out of college and was a food server for 20 years. After sobering up and getting into recovery, she put herself through school. She had careers as a Senior Network Support Engineer, Supervisor, Systems Engineer and Business Administrator. She left a high-stress, fast-track career and became an end-of-life caretaker to her parents, undergoing a life-changing, humbling and soulful shift. Now, she strives to live in full potential, expression and creativity. She has a business designing symbolic gemstones, is an author in 4 anthologies, a community/tribe builder, hospital Reiki volunteer, Trauma/Addiction/Energy speaker/presenter, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and she teaches somatic release TRE: Tension, Stress, Trauma Release Exercise.

Rebecca's two-fold message is a game changer:

1) Do somatic/body release work - it is the missing link in our deep self-healing transformation work.

2) Access Healing Energy - it accelerates and integrates our transformation. It knows no bounds.

1) Somatic release. Our overloaded, overlooked bodies need to restore. We live with constant tension, chronic stress and unresolved trauma. We are so disembodied because our body keeps score! We are diminished when sick, in pain or overwhelmed. For true healing, we must release multi-layered blockages. Dense, heavy, stuck energy can be discharged physically and emotionally thus RAISING our “home” frequency, inviting a state closer to balance. In doing TRE, a necessary, impactful, primitive and natural therapy, we restore and EMBODY. We ground. We heal.

2) Energy healing is ancient, Anyone can access their body's magnetic Energy field. We are so much more powerful and resonant than we realize. Our human form is just but a tiny quantum of our multidimensional magnificence. We can forge past our small mind sets, limited and outdated physical body concepts and harness life-changing Healing Energy. Science and medicine acknowledges Energy Healing experiments showcase full spectrums of light, information, technology. There is wondrous potential in who we are, what we are...we are energetic beings! Do healing work. Explore. Play. Discover and be awed.

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