Nebula Change Agent Interview Series: Sarai Johnson

July 25, 2019 9:07 PM | Mali Phonpadith (Administrator)

Meet Sarai Johnson - Change Agent #0082 of our #SCN1000ChangeAgents Series.

Business Alchemist & Audacious Trainer

For nearly 20 years, Sarai Johnson has managed and expanded small businesses and nonprofits to help them transform and perform to meet their strategic goals. Sarai transmutes strategy into action and ideas into implementation. She is a celebrated trainer, facilitator, and strategic consultant, coach, and project manager.

Sarai's magic is in the space where bold truth meets embodiment, and she helps audacious leaders show up as their full, unlimited selves so they can connect with and inspire their audiences to jump to their feet for the right “YES!”

The SC Nebula is a global online (and offline - Washington, DC area) hub where conscious leaders from corporate, spiritual, nonprofit and civic groups can connect, collaborate and create more social impact together.

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