Nebula Change Agent Interview Series: Aaron Velky

July 25, 2019 7:48 PM | Mali Phonpadith (Administrator)

Meet Aaron Velky - Change Agent #0074 of our #SCN1000ChangeAgents Series.

Aaron Velky is an entrepreneur, writer, coach, speaker and artist from Baltimore, Maryland.

Led with purpose, Aaron’s life is different than most, but he spends his time in pursuit of uplifting others, and has given so many others the gift of freedom by subtly, or not-so-subtly, inviting them to challenge their belief of the way the world works.

Aaron’s got a knack for developing unique tools to support change mindset, modes of operation and belief systems. Sometimes you’ve got to get weird to get results, and Aaron drives meaningful dialogue and insightful commentary that can truly change your life or business.

He is the visionary of Ortus Academy, a financial intelligence education company. They created a live-action, sport-like competitive finance game that gets people in the driver’s seat of making money decisions, motivating young students to lean into learning and truly develop, test and explore a new money strategy. Once excited, kids can go through lessons to develop financial intelligence principals. Ortus has already impacted hundreds of students and generated national press, and is now building a national presence through an online course ecosystem.

Teaching kids about money wouldn’t be possible if Aaron also didn’t have a few tricks up his sleeve. He’s an avid travel hacker, systemizing free, alternative methods for seeing the world and now educates hundreds of adults on how to create a new lifestyle for themselves by shedding their belief about travel ( and following his system for getting around the globe without spending the big bucks.

He’s a fitness disciple, experienced youth soccer coach, author with his first publication releasing very soon, adrenaline junkie, and painter of the fine arts. He loves to speak, share and teach all he knows and we’re glad to have him here with us today.

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