Nebula Change Agent Interview Series: Pat Wirth

July 25, 2019 6:57 PM | Mali Phonpadith (Administrator)

Meet Pat Wirth - Change Agent #0072 of our #SCN1000ChangeAgents Series.

The history of women’s suffrage, despite being integral to the fight for voting rights, is one that isn’t known by many. Patricia Wirth is looking to change that. A successful businesswoman and women’s rights activist, Pat has devoted herself to making sure the world knows that women have long been major drivers of change in this country.

Pat was born and raised in Newton, NJ, a small farm town located approximately 60 miles outside of New York City. It was such a small town that the same kids she went to kindergarten with were the ones she graduated high school with. Her mother, a seamstress, instilled in her a sense of responsibility to help the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. Pat got married directly after high school and had her first child at 18; at 21 she had her second child; at 24 she was divorced and a single parent. After becoming a paralegal she spent 10 years in the corporate world’s legal departments and also spent another 5 years as Executive Director for the National Capital Paralegal Association.

In 1997 Pat opened a location of Potomac Falls Express Lube & Car Wash; she opened several other locations after that, and for 16 years she was the Owner/President/CEO of a hugely successful business. Pat got to where she did by perseverance, smarts, business acumen, and knowing that leaders suffer no fools. She knows when to push ahead with an idea she believes in, and no one can prevent her from following the path she knows is the right one for her and her interests.

Pat sold her business in 2013 in order to turn towards what she saw as her next purpose: helping those in need thrive. Her customers were loyal and her business was thriving, but Pat was looking for more, a way to effect greater positive change in the community. Then, while visiting the town of Occoquan, VA, for a fundraiser and learning about the history of its notorious prison, Pat was introduced to the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association (TPSMA), and everything changed.

To donate to the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association, or to get involved yourself, please visit

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