Nebula Change Agent Interview Series: Kyrah Altman

July 25, 2019 6:41 PM | Mali Phonpadith (Administrator)

Meet Kyrah Altman - Change Agent #0065 of our #SCN1000ChangeAgents Series.

Kyrah also serves as a national Youth Mental Health First Aid instructor, keynote speaker and expert panelist for her organization, as well as a coach and mentor for MindSetGo. She was recently named the nation's 3rd best "studentpreneur" by the Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) and will become LEAD's full-time Executive Director after graduating from college in May, 2019.

Twitter: @LEADInc_now

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In an effort to promote global champions of change, we have set an extraordinary goal of interviewing 1000 people this year who are change agents in their communities. Tune in as our interview guests share how they are contributing their gifts, skills, experiences, resources and wisdom to create a better world. Learn about the different causes and initiatives they care about. If theses causes resonate with you, reach out to our interviewees and offer up your superpowers.

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