Message from the Founders:

Dear Fellow Change Agents!

We welcome you to the SOAR Community Nebula, our resource hub and movement to develop and activate conscious leaders from corporate, spiritual and civic groups around the world.

The SC Nebula is a global hub where conscious leaders can connect, collaborate and create more social impact together. Mapping the strategic direction for conscious businesses and brands for almost a decade has made us realize that bridging diverse visions, missions and collaborating for social impact is incredibly important not just for workplaces but also out in our communities. We officially launched this initiative on January 1, 2019 and have decided to grow our community of change agent members and partners intentionally and organically.

We both come from humble beginnings and are very appreciative of loved ones, mentors, and strangers who stretched out their hands and hearts to guide us along the way.These incredibly conscious souls and compassionate community builders collectively shaped us into the human beings we are today. Many of them will never fully understand the imprint and impact they have made on our lives. They cared. They gave what they could of their time, energy and wisdom. They nurtured us and helped us to believe that we were destined for great things, even when our surrounding and circumstances were telling us otherwise.

"It takes a village to raise a child." Anonymous

We believe it also takes a village to enrich the lives of everyone belonging to this tribe called humankind. We know that developing more compassionate, mindful, empathetic and socially responsible leaders will elevate our fellow brothers and sisters collectively lift us all up - and move us away from fear of "the other" and closer to universal love and understanding. 

SC Nebula is designed to foster collaboration, mentorship, entrepreneurship and fellowship among human beings from all walks of life who have the desire, capacity, skills and wisdom to teach, collaborate and create positive change in our world. Here inside the SC Nebula, brilliant stars are being formed and new ideas for greater social impact are being born. Welcome Home!

Love & Peace,

Mali & Victor

The SOAR Community Nebula (SC Nebula) is a community of conscious leaders who care about social impact and community engagement. SC Nebula is based in the Washington, D.C. area and welcomes corporate leaders, spiritual teachers, community champions, and global citizens to connect, learn, mastermind, collaborate and create positive change together.

Mali Phonpadith and Victor Cora Nazario are the Founders of the SOAR Community Network (SCN) and Founding Members of SC Nebula. Their firm works with conscious businesses, nonprofits and brands to create and implement strategic plans that align employees with the leadership missions for greater social impact. They built SC Nebula to extend their impact beyond workplaces and into the community. Mali and Victor are partners in business and in life and share core values such as family, compassion, continuous learning, community building, and philanthropy.

Our Mission

The SOAR Community Nebula (SC Nebula) was created to develop every human being into a compassionate,mindful, empathetic and socially responsible leaders who openly shares his/her unique gifts, continuously seeks knowledge and truth, teaches by example and lives authentically because he/she knows their life’s purpose.

We are committed to developing conscious leaders from all walks of life and from any profession, faith or cultural heritage. 

Our Vision

Together, as legacy driven leaders, our community of conscious leaders build sustainable businesses, operate empowering organizations, initiate grassroots efforts - all to benefit others. We abundantly share our diverse pool of wealth, openly offer our skills and teach what we know in order to solve universal issues that are keeping us from uniting humankind as one global tribe.

Code of Conduct

Here inside the Nebula, we are an open-minded community of conscious leaders who respect others' visions, ideas, opinions and perspectives. Sharing acts of acceptance, compassion, love, kindness, collaboration and a willingness to become a source of wisdom, inspiration and hope for your fellow change agents are all part of the Nebula Code of Conduct, experience and movement.